1 DAY EVENT INFO Sep 25th, 2021

Kettle Mettle 1 Day Event

Kettle Mettle Penticton to Kelowna Images

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Kettle Mettle Participant Categories

Also we have several participant categories.
  • TEAMS OF 2 (Based on Combined time of both riders)
  • TEAMS OF 4 (Based on Combined time of all 4 riders)

  • For 2021 Choose from 3 Event Distances
  • 50K Medio Fondo (start in Chute Lake)
  • 100K Full Fondo (start in Penticton)
  • 135K + Full Fondo Plus (start in Penticton)
  • 2021 Categories

    Both Male and Female


    Includes the following:
  • Souvenir T shirt
  • Cold Beer (or Non-Alcoholic beverage) at the finish
  • Meal at the finish
  • Very Limited Event support on course (mechanical / flat)
  • 3 Aid stations on course
  • Results with a time
  • Draw Prizes
  • Souvenir Event Photo

  • Please Note: Spectator food and bus tickets also available


  • We will set up Busing as there will be several options for the 1 day.
  • No Busing options $0
  • Busing from Kelowna Saturday AM for Full Fondo 100K and Full Fondo Plus 140K is $50. Please Note: ALL BIKES MUST BE LOADED FRIDAY NIGHT as there is no bicycle loading Saturday morning
  • Medio Busing from Kelowna for the Medio: There are 2 options This Involves 2 rides and then Mini Bus to Chute Lake Saturday Morning $85
  • 1. Ride 1 From Kelowna to Penticton Saturday Morning 2. Ride 2 Then From Penticton to Chute Lake
    Only From Penticton Chute Lake Saturday AM $45. (Please note this does not include a ride back from Kelowna post event The reason we do not do this from Kelowna is that the road is not actually drivable and is very steep for most cars and even shuttle buses and is really only accessible from the Penticton side except by 4 X 4.
  • Post Event Busing back to Penticton for those staying or from Penticton $50
  • Busing will be extra and is not included in your entry.


  • For Hotels: The 1 Day Event we suggest staying in Penticton or Kelowna for Friday or Saturday or both. (This is not included in your entry) You are welcome to stay longer on each side of the event or look at other options. (Please Note: This so not included in your entry)
  • For Bikepacking and the camping option we will try and set up Host Campsites in each location Princeton- Thursday Night, Friday-Penticton and Saturday in Kelowna (Please Note: This so not included in your entry)